Saturday, December 30, 2006


I have gotten a couple of comments from people I know as to what and why I have decided to post some of my thoughts and feelings out here in cyberland and not share these thoughts/feelings with them one on one. The simplest of reasons that I can give, is that I feel I can articulate my thoughts better when I am writing and by writing my thoughts/feelings here in such a public forum I can share them with the people I care about and consider friends. I could of course just write in a journal and no one would ever hear or read it unless I personally decided to open up my journal. Also, this is a catharsis for me and its one way from me to unload my thoughts and feelings. I am sorry, if some of you have felt left out and feel that our friendship is not deep but please understand that this blog is a way for me to let you into my world and inner thoughts. It is not easy to be an open book and this is a process for me. I thank those of you that are reading and have cared enough to talk to me and comment about the blog I appreciate very much your friendships.

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