Monday, December 25, 2006

Just the facts ma'am.

I wonder if the world we live has become so engulfed with the belief that we all need to know what the other person next door is doing. I believe that the gov't at times acts as if does and maybe for good reason. But in the context of what this society has become one of celebrity worship do we really need to know what Britney Spear's undercarriage looks like? I did not have to know and now I do because of my own curiosity (yes curiosity did kill the cat) and the fact that a friend emailed me an email with the link to see the pictures of her whoohaa. I probably could have lived the remainder of my life content without seeing Britney's Spear's crotch and the c-section scar. Now I do not be grudge a persons desire to go out and about sans underwear but what I do not condone is their blatant attempt to get media play and thus the medias shoving down our throats of this information. And yes again I did fall into the trap as well and I am none too happy about it. I wonder if all this interest in the cult of celebrity and their lives and going about town without underwear, adopting children from third world nations (which on some level is noble but not when all the camera bulbs are flashing) is some kind of conspiracy to dummy us all down? When we all wake up too late from our Brangelina, Paris, Madonna Kabalah, TomKat Scientology, Britney's crotch, Lindsey's boozing and the national nightmare of whether Jennifer Aniston will find true love hangover that we will have discovered the complete and utter take over of our way of lives, gov't and nation by those who wish to keep us stupid and unable to voice an opinion other than; "I preferred Cameron Diaz as blonde rather than as a brunette"?


King Bitch said...

You are so my Uncle Arthur, who says he doesn't give two shits about anything cult celebrity-ish and yet is up-to-the-minute on every piece of gossip.

And don't pretend you don't wish you were the one wielding the razor that shaved Britney's punani.

Matthew said...

I think she waxes her punani. Punani, is funny.

Whitt said...

You should go on her web site and ask her if she waxes or shaves her punani. Also, I am correcting your grammar from the subtext on your main page:

This is a place that I get to rant or discuss issues that affect and effect me. This blog is not always about me, it may be about you as well. Please feel free to add comments at anytime.

whitt said...

It's so cute how you listen to me and obey me wholeheartedly, yet have to pretend that you actually think for yourself. HA! All that to say, good grammar fixin'. However, I fucked up. It should be "any time" not "anytime".