Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Birthday Blah....

I am about to turn 35 and I am absolutely dreading it. THIRTY FIVE (35)! FIVE MORE YEARS TO FORTY. Crap! This is the year that I move from the demographic of 25-34 for surveying and marketing purposes. This is the year that I actually have to start thinking about getting my prostate and colon examined on a regular basis. Luckily I got the heart stress test out of the way and the good news on that one is that apparently I am not stressed. God I hope my prostate and colon get such good results. Time to eat more fiber and drink cranberry juice and watch my consumption of fatty meats. Uchh... This is getting to be depressing.
Turning 35, I thought would not be such a big deal, but you know what? It is a big deal. When I turned 30 it was not so traumatic as people and the media had me believe. Turning 31 was worse, thats when it became all too real and apparent that I am in my thirties and hurtling away from my twenties and into the realm of; I am too young to have a mid-life crisis but I am not too young to consider Fiber-Con as part of my daily diet. Turning 35 I am at the midway point of birth and turning 70. Seventy People! Great more hair just fell out. And I look back at my near 35 years of life and I am trying to inventory what I have to show for 35 years of living on this planet Earth. So far all I can come up with, is that I have some photographs of the past and a stack of bills that need to get paid. Sure I have my health, family and a great group of friends but I am seriously feeling an emptiness that I have not felt before. I never thought that I would be where I am at 35 and in a way it distresses me. I am sitting here and trying to think of what and how I want my next thirty five years to be and right now it does not seem all that bright. The good thing about right now, is that I do have the ability to change and visualize the future I want but I have to act and enact on my vision. Yet sometimes, I feel that the burdens of life will prevent me from doing so.
(I will pontificate further a little later)

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